A movement of individuals and organizations joining together to shift wealth and power from Wall Street to Main Street *

* If 1% of investments shifted from Wall Street to Main Street, that’s $300 Billion.

Investment in small business is an investment in people.  People who are doing the innovating, regenerating and repairing.  People who are disrupting the extractive economy with the goal of making our planet whole again. 

Currently, the vast majority of investment dollars are invested in publicly-traded companies on Wall Street.  At the same time, private investors like venture capitalists and angel groups pour hundreds of millions of dollars into tech startups, looking for the next “unicorn,” leaving businesses that grow at a slow and steady pace with limited funding options.

Even though small businesses in the U.S. account for half of our economy’s output and jobs, they receive only a tiny percentage of the total investment made by Americans.  Obtaining business funding is even harder for businesses owned by women and people of color.

Many factors make it challenging for small businesses to get the funding they need.  For example, complicated laws and skewed incentives bias the financing industry toward moving money into giant multinational public companies.

The purpose of the Move Money Coalition (MMC) is to provide a centralized online resource for everyone who would like to see more financial resources flowing to our nation’s small businesses that we love and care about.  MMC is the place to go to learn how to find the people and solutions you want to invest in. 

This movement is an all-volunteer effort, so please be patient with us as we add more resources and functionality to the website.

Here’s how you can join the Move Money Coalition movement and get involved: